Centrifugal Pumps

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Centrifugal Pumps


The industry leading original, the Magnum® pump provides excellent performance in all types of fluid pumping operations. Easy to maintain, low operating cost, long life bearings, long life near zero leakage mechanical seal, powerful and durable, with or without Atex conformity. We carry a large stock of spare parts for centrifugal pumps and can assist you cost effectively in maintaining and repairing your centrifugal pumps as well.

Replacement Parts

Casing Plug, Oil Fill Bolt, Brg. Cover
Gasket, Casing Plug, Frame Drain Bearing Set
Nut, Casing Breather Lockwasher
Stud, Casing Oiler Assembly Locknut
Plug, Casing Drain Dip Stick  
Plug, Flush Line Bolt, Casing Jack Casings
Impeller Cover, Inboard Bearing 3x2x13
Seal, Impeller Gasket, Brg. Cover 4x3x13
Washer, Impeller Oil Seal, Brg. Cover 5x4x14
Bolt, Impeller Lock Bolt, Brg. Cover 6x5x11
Stuffing Box Nut, Brg. Cover 6x5x14
Bolt, Stuffing Box Exclusion Seal 8x6x11
Grease Fitting Grease Fitting 8x6x14
Gland Assy., Packing Bearing, Inboard 10x80x14
Seal, Mechanical Housing, Bearing  
Packing, Shaft Seal, Brg. Housing Impellers
Bolt Assy, Gland Seal, Brg. Housing 3x2x13
Shaft Bolts, Brg. Housing 4x3x13
Sleeve, Shaft Bolts, Brg. Housing 5x4x14
Key, Shaft Nut, Brg. Housing 6x5x11
Seal, Shaft Sleeve Cover, Bearing 6x5x14
Deflector Assembly Grease Zerk, Brg. Cover 8x6x11
Frame, Grease Lubricated O-Ring Brg. Cover 8x6x14
Plug, Oil Drain Oil Seal, Brg. Cover 10x8x14


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