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Anson® Hammerlug Unions Your safest choice for High Quality, High Grade Hammerlug Unions in H2S Trim to NACE MR01-75 / ISO 15156 and in Standard Trim as well. Available with threaded ends and butt weld ends for diffent pipe schedules. In addition to the wide range of regular unions we can also supply specials to your specific needs. All unions are subject to rigorous inspections throughout manufacture and are fully certified and traceable.

Gatevalves E-type


High Quality, High Specification Gatevalve. Reliable, fully forged Body & Bonnet, easy to maintain and conforms to international design requirements. Manufactured and tested in accordance with API6A. All API6A classes available. Special seals for superior high and low pressure performance, metal-to-metal sealing, low operating torque and non-rising stem. Comes fully certified and tested. Also available with actuation.



Purpose made for mud, cement, fracturing and water service.  Easy to operate and available in 5000 psi and 7500 psi variants. With solid gate, rising stem and resilient seals. Available in standard Service or Sour Service to NACE MR01-75. With buttweld ends, Hammer Union ends, Hub ends or Flanged ends. Fully certified and traceable.



Extra High Pressure Plugvalves from 1" to 4", up to 15000 psi (and 20000 psi in some cases). Available with hammerlug union ends and in Standard or Sour service. Dependent, reliable, fully certified, fully traceable and tested. Available in different configurations such as Premier, Compact or DB.



Anson® Chokevalves are available as Adjustable or as Positive valves for working pressures up to 15000 psi. In three different body types as AH2, AD2 and AR2. The valves are manufactured in accordance with API 6A. All chokevalves made of high grade material to the best possible quality standards. With flange- or Union connections, Fully certified, serialized and traceable.



Anson® API 6A Top Entry swing checkvalve with API Flanges or Hammerlug Union connections. Anson® In-Line checkvalves availabe as Flapper Style or as Dart Type. Compact, lightweight design with several types of Union connections. All checkvalves are of high specification material, rigorously tested, serialized, certified and traceable.

Swiveljoints & Loops


Standard threaded short radius swiveljoints with API LP female threaded ends - Patented Longlife Long Radius Swiveljoints with fully forged parts, fully heat treated and completely subjected to full MPI inspection. The Longlife Long radius swiveljoints have no body penetrations that could cause cracks and the special bearing design increases the swiveljoint life, minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance time dramatically. With Hammerlug Union end connections as standard and available in standard service as well as in Sour Service. Fully certified and traceable.

Union Fittings


Integral Elbows, Tees and pup joints manufactured from externally upset high specification tubulars. Fully forged and available in pressure ratings up to 20000 psi. Integral fittings offer the advantage over welded types as there are: smooth uninterrupted bores, inherently stronger due to their fully forged constuction, no costly weld inspection and no post weld heat treatment that restricts the materials potential strength. Most fittings however are also available in welded construction.

Manifold Fittings


Long sweep Butt weld manifold fittings manufactured from AISI4130 closed die forgings to ensure that they have a well defined and correctly contoured grain flow, high integrity and uniformity of shape.Elbows are produced from tubulars which are hot formed on purpose-made bending machines. Consistently accurate high quality fittings, fully certified and traceable. Used standards are amongst others ANSI B31.3, ANSI B16.9, NACE MR01-75 Minimum Tensile strength 85kpsi, Minimum Yield Strength 105kpsi

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