Our Expertise

Our sales and logistic staff always respond promptly 24/7. We have a large warehouse of comprehensive stock where most of the mud pump expendables and spares parts can be found. Moreover, the company offers specialized customer services such as pump trouble shooting on site, fluid end maintenance and installation, mud pump operation training… etc. And in the service repair department our mechanics repair Mission Magnum® centrifugal pumps.

Knowledge, expertise and teamwork are the key to our success. We are ISO 9001 certified, QA/QC is strictly performed in our daily work. We pursue to supply our customers the best quality and thoughtful services as professionals.

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Our Services

Fluid End Installation

We have experts that can assist you in installing fluid end modules on your mud pumps. Your valuable Fluid End Modules need to be installed correctly and with great care in order to get the best performance out of them. If you need help, just call us and we have an expert available for you.

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Centr. Pump Repair

We have all the facilities and experience for Cleaning, Inspection , Repair and Repainting of your Centrifugal pump of the following brands: Mission®, Mission Magnum®, MCM®, Baker Mud Hog®, Halco® and others. We keep centrifugal pump spareparts in stock so are capable of getting the job done fast.

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We have experts that can assist you in tracing and solving problems, like excessive wear or fluid knock you may encounter with the fluid end of your Triplex Mud Pump. We have equipment to measure misalignment of your mudpump rods and can advise problemsolving measures.

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24/7 Hot Shot

Should you urgently need parts or assistance with your mud pump we are just one phonecall away, available 7 days, 24 hours a day. Every day !

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