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    Holland Stores Oilfield Supply and Services GmbH
    is operated by a highly dedicated team of decades’ expertise
    as a mud pump parts specialist in the market for oil and gas industry
    such as conventional, geothermal and horizontal directional drilling.

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    24/7 Hot Shots

    Whenever you are in trouble, please call us.
    We will help you out as far as we can!

    Phone: +49 (0) 5924 / 2554-0
    Email: info@hs-oilfield.de

  • Maintenance

    of your Centrifugal Pumps

    We repair your Centrifugal pumps and guarantee the best service
    and a good price-performance result. Our mechanics, working
    with high-quality equipment and replacement parts,
    extend the lifetime of your pump!

    Please call us for further informations!
    +49 (0) 5924 / 2554-0

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